Does the new bike really need to be run in?

Many people don't know how to get in touch with the car after buying a bicycle, or they don't have the idea and consciousness to go through. In the end, the bicycle does not need to run in?


Anyone who reads a mechanical major or a little knowledge of this knowledge knows that a newly bought bicycle must pass a period of running-in. Only the correct running-in will make the bicycle achieve the best performance, and the subsequent mechanical failure can also try to deduct.

So, when our car is bought from a store, how do you get it done?


The running-in method can be summarized in four words: normal use.

What is normal use? That is to say, when we need to ride a bicycle, it can be used like a normal person. Like some people seem to have endless power when riding a bicycle, riding fast, braking is super vigorous, after The wheels are often locked, and these are classified as abnormal riding.

After the running-in, the best condition is achieved. It is not impossible to ride fast, but the pressure on the brake system and the frame and the wheel set is a bit large.


When the newly bought bicycle is in use, the speed should not be too fast. It can be kept at 20 km/h. The shifting speed should not be too frequent. One gear position is used for running in one gear position, that is, for example, before using 2 After riding for a period of time, slowly change to the first 2 and the last 6, slowly one of each gear is worn together, and you should not run it in. You can ride it as usual, whether it is a new car or an old car, try to Avoid emergency brakes, because the burden on the frame and brake system is a bit large, it will damage the frame, although we can not see the naked eye.


Finally, whenever we start to ride, not only do we need to warm up, but our bikes have to warm up, and we don't need to go to the hot car. It's good to ride a distance.